A Homegrown Dinner

Tonight's dinner was all grown by our family. There is always a sense of pride and security when you look at your plate and know all of the food came from my garden, barnyard and farm. In early spring I have dreams of fresh tomatoes, peas and lettuce. When the overnight temperatures get above 20 degrees I start planting my lettuce and peas. On St. Patrick's day, as I learned from my Grandma, I start my tomatoes at the house. Every day for the next six months I water and tend the vegetables. Covering them to start to protect them from the cold and then the heat and the cold again. The chickens roam the barnyard eating bugs and grasses. They are always a pleasure to watch. We feed the cows into the winter and make hay for them in the summer. All for a little food on our plates.

Not all have the ability, time or area to grow their own food, but they do want to know how their food is grown. The local food movement has encouraged people to buy food from their neighbors and for that we are infinitely grateful for. It is the relationship that matters to us. Our customers know the dedication and ethics that we put into raising our animals. We are thankful that we are able to share our meat with you.