Regeneratively grown, holistically managed

Beef, goats and garlic

We are Isbell Mountain Acres

Clint is a first generation rancher and also works in our National Forest. Clint’s family has a rich history in Scott Valley and values the land and community. Clint grew up raising 4H and FFA animals under the guidance of his Father who was the FFA advisor at our local high school. Clint is the one who keeps everything green, growing and repaired. He has been using his carpentry skills to maintain all of the early 1900’s buildings on our farm
.Kay is a fifth generation rancher in Scott Valley. Her great grandparents settled in Scott Valley just after the 1849 Gold Rush. Her family has been tending to farms and ranches since. She cannot imagine any other life that does not involve raising animals, growing plants, driving tractors, fresh air and hard work. She enjoys growing quality beef and seeing your family enjoying it too. Kay and Clint are actively involved in developing the youth of our community. Kay is a local 4H leader and Clint coaches youth sports.

Brayden, the young entrepreneur, tends to the market garden. He grows garlic and potatoes and is learning about how to market and develop his business. He has future plans to study agriculture engineering and business.
Theran the animal whisperer. He can be found tending and caring for all of the livestock and pets. He is passionate about the health and wellbeing of the animals. He enjoys training and grooming his 4h animals, dogs and horses.

Fort Jones, Ca