Fort Jones, CA

Welcome to Isbell Mountain Acres

We are Isbell Mountain Acres, it is our passion to produce high quality beef that we can share from our farm to your table. It is our mission as a farm to grow healthy animals, plants, kids and community and maintain the rich land and history of Scott Valley.

Quality meat right to your door.

At Isbell Mountain Acres we raise both traditional Angus and Aberdeen Angus. Both produce a high quality beef. The traditional Angus is a larger animal that is ideal for a family or people who like larger portion sizes. Aberdeen is a smaller animal that is ideal for individuals who like more moderate portion sizes. We have consistently found Aberdeen to be more tender.   We choose not to treat our animals with hormones, antibiotics or use GMO’s. We raise our beef on divesere pastures and finish them with grain.

We promise a hassle free process to get beef from our farm to your table. You can order beef by the cut, one of our custom beef boxes or beef shares 1/4, 1/2 or whole. We delivery monthly to regional locations or local pickup is available.


We raise multiple varieties of garlic. It is naturally grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers. All garlic can be shipped nationwide or included with meat orders.


We raise savanna and boer meat goat cross. They are allowed to graze and browse on grasses, forbes and woody plant materials. We do finish our goats on grain for 30 days. To learn more about goats and our experiences visit the blog.

14302 Indian Creek Road
Fort Jones, CA
(530) 598-5561